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Laniteio Gymnasium is a comprehensive three-year public high school (Lower Secondary school),  enrolling 420 students aged between 12 and 14. It is located in the centre of Limasol, Cyprus. The school functions within the framework of the Cyprus educational system (CES), in which educational planning and policy as well as educational laws and guidelines remain the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC).


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This school (like all public schools in Cyprus) follows the syllabi, curricula and textbooks regulated and supervised by the MoEC. Teachers in this school are appointed and promoted by the Educational Service Committee. Education in the Gymnasium is compulsory, until the student completes the gymnasium educational cycle or he/she reaches the age of 15, whichever of the two occurs first.



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The basic aim of Gymnasium is to promote the development of students in relation to capabilities of their age and corresponding demands of life. Gymnasium constitutes a self-existent school unit of general educational direction. It complements the general education which primary school provides and prepares students to accept the increased general humanistic education which it provides, preparing them at the same time to attend, afterwards, the Unified Lyceum or the Technical Education, which they can select after their graduation from Gymnasium.







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