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Minutes – Πρακτικά C5 Physical activity (Short-term joint staff training event)


Duration: 23/08/2021 – 27/08/21

Leading organization: 1 Gymnasio Papagou – Athens – Greece

Goal - SWRadio: Evaluation, implementation, coordination and management of project.


Hosting school: 1 Gymnasium Papagou – Athens Greece/Experimental junior high school of Patras – Patra Greece

Participants: Project Coordinators from each school partner.

Partner Schools:

  • Experimental junior high school of Patras – Patra Greece
  • 1 Gymnasium Papagou – Athens Greece
  • Laniteio Gymnasium – Limassol – Cyprus

Feedback/Impact from meeting evaluation.

  • Information received before the meeting from host partner was sufficient.
  • General organization during the meeting was excellent.
  • The subjects discussed were relevant to project goals.
  • There was a balance between different types of activities (work session, social events, team building, free time etc.), realistic timescales.
  • Quality of European partnership
  • Effective communication amongst partners
  • Development of teamwork, of positive attitudes

Description of the activity:

Design and Implementation of the Web Radio Portal. This will constitute the online platform for both the management and operation of Web Radio and the also the Social and Learning Community.

Activity C5/A1 A requirement analysis of the Web Radio Portal. Taking under consideration the findings of C1-C4 activities and mapping them to software and hardware specifications, requirements, components, limitations and prospects from a server, network, database and streaming aspect.

Activity C5/A2 Results: • Design for the existing platform so that it becomes multilingual, supports social interaction and conforms using the technical specifications from activity C1. • User management and authentication environment design: profile editing, preferences setting, etc. Users will have different access levels. • Online help for the platform.

Activity C5/A3 The streaming module is responsible for delivering radio broadcasts through internet streaming. The maintenance of the streaming servers includes the day-to-day supervision, and problem monitoring of the existing infrastructure as well as the implementation of a failover solution using backup servers. Results: Report Support and maintenance of existing high-quality audio streaming module.

Activity C5/A4 A digital audio repository will be developed, where users will be able to easily upload and search for past broadcasts and download locally the related audio files or share them. Results: • Definition of specifications and design of digital audio database. • Implementation of digital audio database.

Activity C5/A5 - Design and Implementation of integrated e-Learning module. This will serve as the educational and online courses and also the communication point for all users of the Web Radio Portal. Results: • Configure open source tools for implementing the Learning Community, online courses, synchronous and asynchronous e-learning, etc. Evaluate the training of schools and actual application and usage of web Portal and Radio, by schools.

Results: • Evaluate the training and adoption and use of the Educational Scenarios by the schools. The end of project. • Evaluate qualitative elements and the effect in intra and extra school life by introducing Web Radio in schools. Opinion of administration, educators, students, parent association, local community. • Viability and sustainability study Common to all activities • All Project Partners develop and disseminate relevant documentation and other resources to ensure the quality of the experience abroad (staff and student guidance, pre-departure checklists, final reports, student feedback, etc). Development of the work project with the students, exchange of information, experiences & teaching strategies proposed.

Project coordinators and task managers participated in this transnational project meeting lasting 5 days. The role and contribution of these transnational project meeting was for all participants to gain skills that will help them to joint evaluation, implementation, coordination and management of the partnership relating to academic, administrative and financial aspects. These project meeting was necessary for confirming and shaping the future activities and finalizing practical aspects of the project. Also the purpose of this meeting was to exchange of teachers activities (what works in terms of innovative methods and pedagogies), that will strengthen the cooperation and networking between partner organisations. Coordinators and task managers addressed project needs, update and collect information and gain necessary skills. This ensured maximum management efficiency and resource management in order to maximize fruitful cooperation and successful outcomes. The Viability and sustainability study study examined the capability of the successful continuing effectiveness of the final output. The study focused on the necessary resources, key success factors, the organizational set up and management, capabilities and limitations, potentials of developments, cooperation and synergies. The study took into consideration all the previous analysis but will also suggest new forms of sustainability and potential growth expanding the concept to all strands and possibilities.


Message from project coordinator

I would like to thank all participants and let them know that their comments enabled us to better plan and execute future meetings and tailor them to meet their needs. The meeting fulfilled both the established objectives and participants personal expectations. Our commitment to the project fulfilling the responsibilities set out for this project meeting.

All participants will take home, good memories and atmosphere of hosting country. Innovative ideas and inspiration for further work. Useful discussion/information/exchange of experience, ideas. New contacts/friends.  

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this.

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