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Minutes – Πρακτικά C4 Virtual activity (short term exchanges of groups of pupils)

Duration: 04/06/21 – 09/06/21

Leading organization: Laniteio Gymnasio  – Limassol - Cyprus

Goal: Sustainably managing planets natural resources.

Hosting school: Laniteio Gymnasio  – Limassol - Cyprus

Participants: Teachers and students from each school partner.

Partner Schools:

  • Experimental junior high school of Patras – Patra Greece
  • 1 Gymnasium Papagou – Athens Greece
  • Laniteio Gymnasium – Limassol – Cyprus

Feedback/Impact from meeting evaluation.

  • Information received before the meeting from host partner was sufficient.
  • General organization during the meeting was excellent.
  • The subjects discussed were relevant to project goals.
  • There was a balance between different types of activities (work session, social events, team building, free time etc.), realistic timescales.
  • Quality of European partnership
  • Effective communication amongst partners
  • Development of teamwork, of positive attitudes

Description of the activity:

All countries participated in the development of common results/activities as well as undertook the responsibility to design and develop results of their own. The project activities directly related to year 2 goals of the project. Partner schools coordinated their pupils & teachers in local activities and in common activities which were carried out between mobilities.

Activities C4/A1: All students and teachers participated in the development of common results/activities (transnational co-productions) as well as undertook the responsibility to design and develop results of their own. C4 project activities directly related to Year 2 goals of the project that is: Sustainably managing planets natural resources.

  • Students and teachers had the opportunity to take actions and educational scenarios for school radio created in each school partners and given the opportunity to broadcast live and transmit through online platform to all partners.
  • Students and teachers be abled to join journalism workshops, workshops for radio broadcast, lessons about radio content creation.
  • All educational material that applied in classroom has been presented and promoted among the educational community. The hosting schools were informed about the way to broadcast on the web radio and attract more listeners and producers.
  • Finally, students worked together in teams and created collaborative radio messages. Results: • Developed personal and common broadcasts related to Year 2 goals.
  • Developed interviews that tell the stories of passionate people who are making a difference in the world and the lives of others.
  • The participating schools presented their participation during the project, they attended activities and workshops and took part in common art and/or musical creations. • Gave live collaborative radio messages and educational scenarios.
  • Participated in journalism workshops, workshops for radio broadcast and year 2 goals.

Activities C4/A2: Exchanged (workshop) of teacher activities (what works in terms of innovative methods and pedagogies).

Results: • Understanding of the importance of SWRadio. • Strengthening Activities C4/A2: Exchanged (workshop) of teacher activities (what works in terms of innovative methods and pedagogies). Results: • Understanding of the importance of SWRadio. • Strengthening of the cooperation and networking between partner organisations. Common to all activities • All Project Partners developed and disseminated relevant documentation and other resources to ensure the quality of the experience.

Students participated in transnational co-productions enriched their creativity and innovation and improved their skills at the area of arts, media, journalism and sound engineering. In this context the proposed project activities developed basic and transversal skills using an innovative method with educational added value, the Web Radio Portal. Through the C4 activities both teachers and students were encouraged to better understand the world in which they live, realizing the complexity and the systemic nature of both sustainable development and environmental issues. Also, teachers and students were invited to acquire significant experiences and skills, involved in activities that help to shape attitudes and behaviours, embracing values that relate to the individual and collective responsibility in addressing the degradation of the environment and quality of life. In addition to the above, we expected students to: • develop their problem-solving strategies and ability to compromise. • integrate personal skills into school and project activities. • develop critical thinking. • share relevant information about their culture, in particular their lifestyle & traditions with their European partners. • promote inter-cultural education. • become tolerant towards “others” and help combat racial issues. • help promote language learning and linguistic diversity at secondary school level across Europe. • ensure the participation of pupils who are socio-economically disadvantaged or have special educational needs, they have the most need for such exchanges. • gain experience in inputting data and presenting it. we expected teachers to: • share experiences with partner schools concerning methods of teaching; • increase the teachers’ skills in English using ICT. • make the school curriculum more attractive by incorporating the project activities into it, where possible. • help turn school into a place where the pupils and the teachers live and work with pleasure.

Message from project coordinator

I would like to thank all participants and let them know that their comments enabled us to better plan and execute future meetings and tailor them to meet their needs. The meeting fulfilled both the established objectives and participants personal expectations. Our commitment to the project fulfilling the responsibilities set out for this project meeting.

All participants will take home, good memories and atmosphere of hosting country. Innovative ideas and inspiration for further work. Useful discussion/information/exchange of experience, ideas. New contacts/friends.  

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this.

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